Where Did Bubble Soccer Originate: The Unknown Story

Where did Bubble Soccer originate?

Where Did Bubble Soccer Originate?

From Inception to Global Phenomenon

Who was the mastermind behind the bonkers game of Bubble Football is? Where did Bubble Soccer originate? The answer and the reasons behind it may surprise you.

Rewind back to 2011, a year that saw the Revolutionary Arab Spring and the Royal Wedding of William & Kate.

But there were 2 crazy Norwegians, Henrik and Johan, who had more pressing matters to deal with. They were on the sofa watching football and were stunned at just how dramatic the players would go down after being tackled. Throwing themselves to the floor at the slightest contact. It was like they were auditioning for a Hollywood action movie or something.

They thought it would be a great subject to talk about on their popular TV show Golden Goal

But how could they illustrate just how soft the modern game of football had become? Wrapping them in a Bubble, that’s how. 

Thus, Bubble Soccer was born! 

The game was a huge hit in Norway but wasn’t widely received outside of the country. The world wasn’t ready for this madness.

Not yet anyway…….

From Humble Origins to The Evolution of Bubble Soccer

It wasn’t until 2014, when a guy called Lee Moseley saw the huge potential of the sport and decided to put his money where his mouth is. 

He didn’t wait for the big bucks or fancy investors. He self-financed the game taking it to the UK, USA and New Zealand. In just 3 years of its existence, it was becoming one of the most popular games on the planet!

In 2015, Bubble Soccer got a taste of Hollywood (it went from full circle from players throwing themselves on the floor like a Hollywood actors to the game being aired on a Hollywood TV show!).

It was featured on the American TV show Shark Tank. John Anthony Radosta, from the National Association of Bubble Soccer (based in the US), appeared on the show. Unfortunately for John, he left with no investment, however, the exposure the game got was insane and it generated a ton of press – even more people wanted a piece of the bubble football action.

The game is getting bigger and better too. With advancements in the design of the suits making them stronger, safer and more aerodynamic the game continues to grow. It even has governing bodies now! The BBA in the USA and UKBFA in the UK.

Fast forward to today and Bubble Soccer is still going strong, with even better and more durable suits that are sleek and aerodynamic. This game has come so far that it even has its own governing bodies now! The BBA in the USA and UKBFA in the UK. 

With the eyes of the world on the game, it was only a matter of time before the big names wanted in. But no one could have predicted the calibre of players who were about to step into the bubble arena…

FC Barcelona Takeover: The Popularity of Bubble Football

It was on 4th August 2016 when Bubble Football reached the pinnacle of Football. 

It was a training session at St George’s Park in Birmingham, UK. But it wasn’t the England national team training that day. 

It was the world’s greatest football team at the time – FC Barcelona.

And on this day they decided not to lace up their boots but rather strap into some bubble armour and take to the zorb arena. 

Looking around at the famous faces you would have seen Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique and even Luiz Suarez (but instead of fearing the notorious footballers chomping gnashers it would be the giant bubble strapped to his back that they would have to watch out for on this day!).

The Barcelona players were up for some good old fashioned tomfoolery as they strapped on their bubble suits and took to the field not once, but twice! It was players versus players first, followed by players versus coaches. And let’s just say, the coaches got a taste of their own medicine! The sight of these world-class athletes bouncing around like pinballs was a sight to behold. But hey, that’s the beauty of bubble football – it’s all about the shenanigans! 

And with 1,676,130 views on YouTube, it’s safe to say that the FC Barcelona bubble football game was a hit.


In conclusion, Bubble Football has gone from a crazy idea cooked up by two Norwegians on their couch to a full-blown global phenomenon. It’s like the game of football decided to hit the gym and become a jacked up muscle-bound, bubble-wrapped version of itself. 

Lee Moseley saw the potential of this beefed-up game and took it on a world tour, giving people everywhere the chance to bounce around like lunatics. And let’s not forget about Shark Tank – the show that may not have invested in Bubble Football, but certainly invested in its fame! With governing bodies and big-name players like FC Barcelona getting in on the action, it’s clear that Bubble Football is here to stay!

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