What To Expect

We ask that you arrive at your chosen Venue 30 minutes prior to start time.

You and your group will be given a short introduction to the game and small safety briefing.

Once the small talk is over we practise going down and getting back up in the bubble suits, maybe even throw a few forward rolls in!

Then it’s time to go to battle!

Depending on group size and duration of your event you may be split up into several teams for a mini tournament or for small groups you will be split into two and go head to head in a Spartacus bubble soccer game.

Not only will we be playing bubble soccer but we will also be playing the famous Spartacus Games:

  • You will be going into 1 on 1 duels trying to take down a member of the other team
  • You will be working as a unit in your bubbles trying to wipe out their general while also protecting yours!
  • You will be thrown into a huge crazy royal rumble and it will be everyman for himself until the last man is standing!
  • Plus, much more!

This day will be full of fun & action from the very first whistle! So prepare yourself for the Spartacus Bubble Soccer Experience!

Photo’s & Videos will be taken on the day for you and your party FREE of charge and put on our social media & website for you to view and download and more importantly laugh about with your friends!

We encourage you to invite people to watch as well as play as this is a spectacle that needs to be seen and we want to create a great atmosphere for this exciting event.

We look forward to seeing you!