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With Spartacus Events being from Liverpool – One of the best Cities in the UK to go out drinking, we were naturally very excited to be contacted by one of the biggest brewery’s in the UK in Marston’s PLC.

Before heading out to enjoy the famous Liverpool Nightlife these guys wanted to something fun & exciting to get their days off to a flying start (literally!)

We decided to put an event together called the ‘’Spartacus Games’’ full of interactive & engaging activities with maximum fun & madness. Imagine the game show gladiators mixed with Total Wipeout while wearing a huge zorb suit! (Not your run of the mill Christmas party!)

We pitted them against each other in 1 V 1 DUELS, started a huge bubble royal rumble with everyman for himself – last man standing wins, we even featured our brand-new game touchdown, a race for survival to make it to the oppositions try line without getting taken down – American Football Style!

Some hilarious falls, collisions, rolls and goals made this event a very special one. We are very grateful we were able to be a part of it and help create some really fun memories of the day.

And as with all of our big Events some of the very best highlights of the day were captured on camera (comedy gold!). Creating a unique shared experience and a really engaging talking point to start off the night on the town!

Check out our Video Review from Sam below

Martsons Brewery Review

Josie Byford
Amazing works Christmas do. Well organised and hilarious fun. Can't fault it I would do it again tomorrow and I will be booking a friend’s bubble soccer event in 2017. We had a mixed group of ages and of guys and girls and we did not stop belly laughing the whole time. Plus, it's great exercise. Thanks, so much Joe and Cheryl
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