Pick Your Location


You can book directly through our website.

Simply choose your preferred date & time, give your approximate group numbers and pay your £100 deposit (subject to availability).

REMEMBER, people are travelling from all over the Empire to get a piece of this action, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Indeed. Building an army of lean mean barbarian slaying machines takes time.

Give us an estimated number of people attending now and the final numbers, along with remaining balance will be due in 28 days before your chosen date.

Just two peak slots available. Simple & easy.

11:15am or 1:15pm.

Approximately 2 hours.

Just 2 hours to turn a group of lowly plebs into a horde of fierce gladiatrix. I shall pray to Mars for you!

Yes. Games are varied into physical, team games & just plain silly. Girls, Boys, Men, Women, Nan & Grandad – you name it and they can probably play it.

This is also a very entertaining spectator event.

We used to let giraffes, wild leopards and bulls take part in the games at the coliseum. We aren’t about to start putting in barriers to entry now – Commodus would be turning in his grave!

No weight limits and as for age it is 18 to 65 years old.

The Peasant Wagon. Yes, I’m calling you a peasant.

Transfers via the peasant wagon is the ONLY way to get to The Romans. We transport you directly to the gates (return journey included).

William Brown Street, Liverpool, L3 8EL

Check in point is outside the Central Library & Museum. Take a seat on the steps and say your prayers to Jupiter.

Yeah sure! I’ll send a reclining sofa up to your hotel room too shall I? Have four of the Emperor’s guards carry you down the flights of stairs on it feeding you grapes.

Get your peasant ass to the Pick Up Point with the rest of the plebs!

Caesars Bloodbath is an instrument of torture and humiliation for our “Guest of Honor”. The Stag will take a seat on a 5ft high trap door conveniently hovering over a giant bucket of ice water.

You and your fellow plebs are invited to throw projectiles at a rotating arm, which if hit hard enough will release the trap door and send our “guest of honour” into the hell that is Caesars Bloodbath!

This is included in The Emperor Package and has limited availability as an optional add on.