Below you will find the answers to your most frequently answered questions.

If you can’t find the answers you need on the FAQ, simply drop us a message and we will get right back to you!


You can book directly through our website.

Simply choose your preferred date & time, give your approximate group numbers and pay your £49 deposit (subject to availability).

Final group numbers and remaining balance are due 28 days from your chosen date.

Don’t worry! Just give us an rough number.

The final numbers, along with the remaining balance won’t be due until 28 days out from your chosen date.

This will depend on what package you pot for!

Silver package: 8 people

Gold: 12 People

Platinum: 10 People

Get on your war horse and gallop into the town square. A rally cry for more spartans is needed!

If that fails you can spread the cost of 8 people across your group size (minimum of 6 people needed to play).

Deposits are non refundable.

You can request a change and date and time if your chosen date is within the 28 day period. This of course will be subject to availability.

We wouldn’t be able to change your date/time if your chosen date is less than 28 days out. We will of course try to accommodate where we can but there are no guarantees.

Your booking can be cancelled any time before the 28 day period of your chosen date.


It can get pretty hot in these big balls!

Light sportswear and trainers are recommended.

Our games are not suitable for anyone who is pregnant.

However, this is a hilarious spectator sport. Immersive yourself in the spectacle that is Bubble Football. Oh, and don’t forget some popcorn, an extra big portion – eating for two now, after all!

You do indeed! But not too early. Arrive 15 minutes before your start time to check in with your games co-ordinator.

This will depend on what city you choose to play in.

All our venues are within close proximity to the city centre and easily accessible.

Yeah sure! I’ll send a reclining sofa up to your hotel room too shall I? Have four of our very best coaches carry you down the flights of stairs on it feeding you grapes.

I’m afraid you’ll have to call a taxi or take a small stroll like the rest of us!

All our bookings from March to October are outdoor on a 4g pitch.

Indoor bookings can be requested between the winter months of November through to February.

This will depend on the city you are playing in. Drop us a message and we will be happy to send you out any specific information you need.

Suited for all ages from Little Ant & Dec to Bruce Forsyth. And the 117 years in between!

Or to be more specific from 8 years old up to 65 years old.

Yes! We’ve had plenty of full kit w*nkers turn up over the years and we find it highly amusing. 

However, some of our venues will be in a public leisure or community centre so we ask you be sensitive to this.

The maximum height for bubble soccer is 6’ 7”.

So, if Tyson Fury is on your guest list, he’s going to have to sit this one out!

The maximum weight to play bubble soccer is 20 stone.

Yes of course you can! If you would like to bring friends or family along to watch all the fun that is good with us.

We do however, require viewers to stand well back from the pitch in a dedicated safe zone to avoid them being flattened by the giant zorbs!

The Spartacus HQ is in Liverpool but we cover all major cities in the UK.

Spartacus Bubble Soccer is a nationwide Bubble Football company and covers 30 of the major cities across the UK.

Spartacus Bubble Soccer is cleared to play in any weather conditions. Come rain or shine…THE GAMES GO ON!

Only in extreme conditions when it is deemed unsafe will your booking be cancelled.

No alcohol is allowed during the event. The last thing you want to be doing is rolling around in a zorb with a belly full of beer (trust us we’ve tried).

We understand some of our events will be for hens and stags but we kindly ask for the drinking games to start after the Bubble Soccer!


This will depend on the package you opt for:

Silver is 60 minutes.

Gold is 90 minutes.

Platinum (best seller) is 120 minutes and includes an additional activity – combat archery, football darts, dodgeball or nerf wars.

10 bubbles. 5 v 5. But what if I have 15 players? Even better! Zorbing is incredibly fun but incredibly physical.

Let’s give you an example….

15 players would be 3 teams of 5. This would mean you get to play the bonkers game of bubble football, but you also get to watch (this game is hilarious to watch).

Seeing your mates getting rolled down the pitch at 100mph like a giant bowling ball is a one of a kind spectacle and will only spur you on more to get back in the bubbles and back into the action!

I’ll give you a couple just to wet your whistle!

1 versus 1 – strongest bubble wins, wrestle the other bubble out of the ring and crown yourself as champion! This is a game of brute strength with a little bit of luck thrown into the equation, won’t be trying to wedgie each other like the Japanese fellas do, super fun, more bubbles, less nappies!

Two Teams. Each team gets a “General”. Aim of the game is to knock down the opposition’s “General” while defending their own. Some real Saving Private Ryan stuff this, minus the Tom Hanks- we don’t quite have the budget for that……yet.

What would you like to see? A hero’s welcome? Applause? Shall we lay rose petals wherever they walk?

Or would you like to see them squirm and cringe? 

We will of course accommodate where we can (and when appropriate). Send us your requests!

A huge inflatable dart board where you can take your best shots at beating each other’s scores, think Bullseye without Jim Bowen.. or the prizes.

Although that’s probably for the best, the prizes weren’t much were they? Plus, I doubt you have enough room in your suitcase to take a grandfather clock back home!


A GAME FOR THE BIG KIDS! – we thought you would never ask.

One lucky grown up will be placed inside a bigger bubble suit and will face a wall of mini zorb suits. The aim of the game here is for the adult to get from one end of the pitch to the other without the kids taking them down. What usually happens is the big kid gets over excited and ends up rolling down the pitch like a boulder from Indiana Jones.

There is a party room at selected venues only. Use of the party room is at the discretion of each venue and subject to availability.

Please contact us with your chosen city and we can send out specific information.

We do not offer any decoration service at the moment, but you are welcome to bring your own!

While we do not offer any catering services directly we do however have a tasty partnership with the nation’s favourite pizza takeaway – Dominos!

Take advantage of our exclusive deals and they will deliver directly to the venue!

You can call the branch directly on the number provided when your booking is secured.

Just make sure to give them your preferred time slot to have it delivered for when the activity is finished.