Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?
Booking is simple, all we require is a small non-refundable £50 deposit to secure your booking. The remainder of the balance will be due 14 days before your event
What if I don’t know how many players will be taking part when I need to book?
You can provide us with an approximate figure, we will then need the exact number of players 14 days before your event when the remaining balance will be due.
What is the minimum amount of players I need to book an event?
You will require a minimum of 10 players per event however 8 players can be accommodated at an additional cost.
Can I change my date or time of event after I have already booked?
If you are within 14 days of your event we won’t be able to change your date or time. If it is over the 14 day period of your event we will do our best to change it for you but there may be a charge for the cost of the venue if we have already paid for it. Rest assured we will always try our best to accommodate you in whatever way possible.
Can I cancel my event?
Events can be cancelled any time before the 14 day period of your event but you will lose your £50 deposit.
How long does the event last for?
It all depends on how many players you have in your group. An average game of 10-12 players would last 60 minutes. If you group is larger we will usually spread it over 120 minutes and divide the group into teams.
What is the format of the events?
You will be required to arrive 15 minutes before the event for a small safety briefing which will include the rules, putting on and taking off the bubble suits and moving around in them. The number of bubble suits will be dependent on the size of group. As an example a group of 12 we would bring 10 suits and rotate the players every ten minutes. Bubble football can be hot and tiring and you will be glad of a little rest!
Are the events held indoor or outdoor?
Weather permitting most of our events will be held outside on a 3G pitch or grass pitch. Bubble Soccer can be played in any conditions but if we feel the weather will negatively affect your experience we have indoor venues also that we can use.
What is the cost of a Football Zorbing event?
This varies depending on the size of your group. We will send you a detailed quote based on the requirements of your event. Prices vary depending on group numbers & duration of the event. As an example an event with 10 adults including bubble suits, events coordinator, referee & all other equipment would cost £250. (Standard £25 per adult person & £20 per child). We have packages were a discounted price would apply when you book events for a longer duration. Please feel free to call us to enquire about these call 0151 268 0242.
What is included in the all-inclusive packages?
Your price per person will include bubble suits, referee, events coordinator, goals & all other equipment.
What clothing shall I bring?
We recommend you bring light sportswear clothing as it can get quite hot in the bubbles. Suitable footwear and light tracksuit bottoms e.g. under armor.
What ages can participate in the event?
Anyone both male and female aged between 7 years old and 60 years old.
Is there a height restriction?
We have bubbles of all sizes from kids 1.2M Diameter to really big adults at 1.8M Diameter. However the maximum height for bubble soccer is 6’ 7”.
Can anyone play?
Yes! The beauty of this game is anyone can play! You do not need to be a trained athlete or experienced footballer to take part. Nor do you need to be a keen football fan this really is a sport for everyone. Males & Females. We will ask you to fill in a small health questionnaire before you take part in the event & we recommend children and adults do not mix together in a game to keep it safe and fair.
Can I bring people to watch?
Yes of course you can! If you would like to bring friends or family along to watch all the fun that is totally fine. Make sure they bring along a camera to catch some of the funny collisions! We do however, recommend viewers stand well back from the pitch as to not get steamrolled by the human bubble balls!
How do I pay the deposit?
After you have confirmation of your date & time, you pay your deposit either by calling us or via our website.
Do you offer Spartacus Bubble Soccer near me?
We are based in Liverpool and operate in the Liverpool City Region which includes Liverpool, Knowsley, St.Helens, Sefton & Wirral. We may also travel to surrounding areas in the Liverpool City Region for Corporate events & events with longer durations.
Can groups drink alcohol whilst playing?
No alcohol is allowed during the event. We understand some of our events will be for hens and stags but we kindly ask for the drinking games to start after the Bubble Soccer!
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