Bubble Football Liverpool Stag Do

Football Zorbing was built for Stag Parties!

Ever wondered what it’s like to play football like Neil Ruddock? Well – here’s your chance. You’ll be charging into someone who has half a foot of bubble wrapped around them and you can shoulder barge anyone you come up against into the middle of next week. Much like the man himself.
By combining two of the best things Western Civilisation has ever produced; football and the Crystal Maze, we’re bringing an interactive football experience that combines having a good game and a laugh with your mates and being able to send them rolling half way to Aintree racecourse without any of the guilt or injuries.
So if you fancy beating the groom in a game of bubble footy and shoulder barging him halfway to Anfield because he’s ditching use all to grow up and get married then this is right up your street.

"You can't beat a bit of Bully!"

In addition to this we also have Football Darts – a huge dart board where you and your mates can take your best shots at beating each other’s scores, think Bullseye without Jim Bowen.. or the prizes. Although that’s probably for the best, the prizes weren’t much were they? Plus, I doubt you have enough room in your suitcase to take a grandfather clock back home – the board is that big that even if your mates are useless at footy they’ll probably still hit the board!
We all have a mate who fancies himself as a striker, thinks he should be a professional and tells people he had trials for a random professional football team when he was 11 after he’s had a few pints – but whenever he plays he scoops it over the bar, well, this game is ideal for him too. The jammy bastard will end up spooning it and nailing a bullseye, you’ll never hear the end of it! Unless you hit the bullseye yourself, won’t know until you try it!

Chris's Stag Story

Chris was tasked with organising his brother Matthew’s Stag Party and he made the boys proud by choosing Spartacus Bubble Football! The guy’s came all the way from Oxford to take part in and event that would never be forgotten. Luckily Matthew is a pilot, so he was used to flying through the air at great height, just this time he was doing it in a Spartacus Bumper Ball rather than a Boeing 747!

“Just had a 19 man stag do and organised bubble football. Joe was a legend. Really helpful, had loads of quality games and activities ready for us. Good banter and some good fun had. Knackering though! Well worth booking this. Very well organised by Joe and the team” – Chris Holt, Oxford – Owner of Pub’s of Oxford

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The Spartacus Bubble Football Training Academy & What Zorb Games to Expect on the Day

“But how do I get in the bubble?” I hear you scream at your screen. It’s easy! You pop it on your back like a backpack and you have the handles in front of you. The hard part is getting up, but don’t worry, we’ll show you how to master that too, hopefully you don’t spend too much time rolling round the venue like a boulder in Indiana Jones, and you’re the one putting everyone else on their back!
We have training, and training games which help you familiarise yourself with being in a bubble, then once you have the confidence to get out there, that’s where the fun and games begin!
There is One vs One. Man on Man. Settle all the grudges here, probably the one you’ll discuss the most on the train on your way to our event. You versus the stag that’s been burning your head out (annoying you) the most! Charge at each other quicker and harder than David Cameron charges into a pig farm after 3 viagra and watch him drop quicker than the pound after Brexit. Best man wins. Not literally – someone else might? But there’s only one way to find out isn’t there!
Touchdown!….our game which incorporates elements of American Football with our own bubble spin. You know American Football? Its rugby, except it’s played by men wearing shoulder pads, helmets, 457 intervals and bearing no similarity to actual football. Thankfully we’re a bit more straight forward with our version, our game is one lucky soul having the ball inside his bubble and trying to score a touchdown! Might sound difficult but Donald Trump managed to become President, nothing is impossible guys!
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