Bubble Soccer Hen Do

Bubble Football & Zorbing Games was built for Hen Parties!

For Hen’s who are looking for something completely different & unique!
Because you’re not going to remember an afternoon tea experience, sitting in some stuffy hotel surrounded by scones & pastries are you? – You want to go home with stories to tell!
So, if you’re looking for an experience that will have you in fits of laughter from the very start and one that you will be laughing about for years to come, then you have come to the right place!
Your group will be given a pair of young lads that will fully immerse you in a perfectly facilitated event that will lead you through a day of extreme fun & laughter of the bubble variety!
Seeing your friends bouncing round in a big inflatable bubble while attempting games is a spectacular sight and one that is not going to be forgetton in a hurry. Of course, we will be there to film the whole thing so you have a great memory to look back on. Maybe even play it at the wedding!

"You can't beat a bit of Bully!"

In addition to this we also have Football Darts – a huge dart board where you and the Hen’s can take your best shots at beating each other’s scores, think Bullseye without Jim Bowen.. or the prizes. Although that’s probably for the best, the prizes weren’t much were they? Plus, I doubt you have enough room in your bag to take a grandfather clock back home – the board is that big that people of any age or ability can take part and they’ll probably still hit the board!
Do you think you and the girls can hit the Bullseye? I don’t know, but ill guarantee you will have fun trying!

Blaire's Spartacus Bubble Football Story

Blaire & her friends came long to us to celebrate her Sister Sarah’s Birthday. Bubble Soccer & Zorbing is for girls too! We treated them to a host of games such as Bubble Racing, Bubble Roosters & More. Games that involve everyone and are more focused on interaction and fun rather than football. Some great memories were made and we were really grateful we could be a part of it!
“Had such a fun time, brilliant day, so sweaty and funny and we were all so out of breath but we have some funny memories that we’ll be laughing about for years. Lads were brilliant, funny and very informative, made the whole experience great as we actually played the games we were supposed to and didn’t piss about. Good day for my sisters birthday” – Blaire, Southport

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What Zorbing Games to Expect on your Hen Party Event

“But how do I get in the bubble?” I hear you scream at your screen. It’s easy! You pop it on your back like a backpack and you have the handles in front of you. The hard part is getting up, but don’t worry, we’ll show you how to master that too, hopefully you don’t spend too much time rolling round the venue like a boulder in Indiana Jones, and you’re the one putting everyone else on their back!
We have training, and training games which help you familiarise yourself with being in a bubble, then once you have the confidence to get out there, that’s where the fun and games begin!

We have games such as Last Hen Standing – just like Ronseal, not as in overpriced and misleading with cheesy adverts, but because it does exactly what it says on the tin. An absolute free for all, chaos, superb fun, Last Hen standing gets the prize. Crash into the bride so much that she may realise she’s throwing her life away getting married and she’ll probably never have this much fun again. Joking of course! I’m sure he’s great.
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