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Thinking of booking an event for your employees?

Whether it’s a corporate event, team building day, staff morale boosting event, product launches, treats for hitting targets, fun days or even Christmas parties Spartacus will provide you with a day your business and employees will be laughing about for years to come.

We offer unique events that will completely re-energise your employees and have them in fits of laughter all day.

It’s the perfect opportunity to allow your staff to de-stress, have a well deserved break and show your gratitude to them.

Check out the video from Valour Finance of the time we went to Stockport for a Team Building Event

"You can't beat a bit of Bully!"

In addition to this we also have Football Darts – a huge dart board where you and your mates can take your best shots at beating each other’s scores, think Bullseye without Jim Bowen.. or the prizes. Although that’s probably for the best, the prizes weren’t much were they? Plus, I doubt you have enough room in your bags to take a grandfather clock back home – the board is that big that even if your useless at footy you’ll probably still hit the board!
We all have a colleague who fancies himself as a striker, thinks he  should be a professional and tells people he had trials for a random professional football team when he was 11 after he’s had a few pints – but whenever he plays he scoops it over the bar, well, this game is ideal for him too. He will end up spooning it and nailing a bullseye, you’ll never hear the end of it! Unless you hit the bullseye yourself, won’t know until you try it!

Marston's Beer Company Team Building Event Story

With Spartacus Bubble Football being from Liverpool – One of the best Cities in the UK to go out drinking, we were naturally very excited to be contacted by one of the biggest brewery’s in the UK in Marston’s PLC. Before heading out to enjoy the famous Liverpool Nightlife these guys wanted to do something fun & exciting to get their day off to a flying start (literally!) We decided to put an event together called the ‘’Spartacus Zorb Games’’ full of interactive & engaging activities that anyone of any age or ability could take part in. Imagine the game show Gladiators mixed with Total Wipeout while wearing a huge zorb suit! (Not your run of the mill Christmas party!) Organized by Josie, here is what she had to say:

“Amazing works Christmas do. Well organised and hilarious fun. Can’t fault it I would do it again tomorrow and I will be booking a friends bubble soccer event in 2017. We had a mixed group of ages and of guys and girls and we did not stop belly laughing the whole time. Plus it’s great exercise. Thanks so much Joe and Cheryl ” – Josie Byford, Martson’s Beer Company

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Anyone of any ability can take part! Bubble Football & Zorbing is a game for all! Boys, Girls, Men, Women, Nan. Grandad, You name it and they can probably play it!

“But how do I get in the bubble?” I hear you scream at your screen. It’s easy! You pop it on your back like a backpack and you have the handles in front of you. The hard part is getting up, but don’t worry, we’ll show you how to master that too, hopefully you don’t spend too much time rolling round the venue like a boulder in Indiana Jones, and you’re the one putting everyone else on their back!

We have training, and training games which help you familiarise yourself with being in a bubble, then once you have the confidence to get out there, that’s where the fun and games begin!

There is no better way to build relationships & improve communications in your team through fun & laughter of the bubble variety!

Corporate and Team Building Days
Zorbing & Bubble Football Team Building & Corporate Day in Manchester & Liverpool

This all sounds fun & exciting but how is this going to help my team you may ask?

There are so many bogus ‘’team building” activities out there or should I say ‘’team breaking” activities!
Often, they will include violating personal space, humiliation, giving up privacy or losing a portion of your dignity which inevitably ends in the mother of all team breaking exercises the dreaded trust fall!

The only team breaking at Spartacus Bubble Football is breaking records in the Hamster Zorb Ball Team Race! Working on common goals together, forcing you to problem solve & find your strengths. Turning a group of individuals into a TEAM.

We believe this to the be parallel between the activity and the workplace. New skills & a fresh perspective that can be transferred back into the workplace.

Ultimately your team will be going away having had an insanely fun and positive shared experience that can only have strengthened relationships, improved communication & boosted team morale. By taking part in the Spartacus Bubble Football experience, they would have been exposed to new problem solving ideas, situations & a new found love of zorbing!

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