The Bubble Football Price from Spartacus

A Price That Won’t Put you Off

You can’t put a price on fun can you?

Well actually now you can… and it could be less than £25 per adult or £20 per child. Seems pretty reasonable for the cost of fun doesn’t it?

Naturally, we’re talking here about our bubble football price… but that’s essentially the same thing.

You’d pay more to go to the theater, to go for a meal or to go on a night out than you will pay to play bubble soccer, so we think bubble football costs you less than it gives you back in return and here’s why.

Our Bubble Football Price Vary

Firstly, the prices we mention above are an approximation.

They are based on 10 adults (or 10 children) playing and those prices include bubble suits, your own event coordinator, a referee and all the equipment you need to play bubble soccer at one of our Northwest venues.

However, exact price varies depending on the length of time you want to play for an the size of your group.

Plus, join us for a stag or hen party and the stag or hen plays for free.

The Fun of Bubble Football and Prices you Can Afford

Well that’s the admin bit out of the way, now for the good stuff.

What do you really get for the price of bubble football?

That’s what you want to know isn’t it?

I mean naturally we run an operation so slick that you don’t have to lift a finger throughout – all we need from you is a small deposit and we’ll take care of all the arrangements.

So what you get is the opportunity to spend the rest of the build up time getting giddy with your friends or colleagues about your impending Battle of the Bubbles.

When the day of the big game comes around, it’s time to make some memories.

Fancy bouncing your boss off his or her feet? Sure you do and they can’t even complain because they probably gave the green light to the whole idea.

Want to throw a kid’s party that you, as adults, will actually enjoy and remember for a long time?

Bubble football costs very little when you think that you get to take home hilarious footage of your children rolling round a pitch in bubble suits (not to mention happy, exhausted youngsters that will sleep for a week).

Been to a hundred stag parties that all bore a striking resemblance to each other?

Bubble football is the game that units young and old, top strikers and cousins who couldn’t care less about sports.

Yes it’s footy but it’s footy encapsulated with a round, inflatable casing that involves a whole lot of falling and rolling around and definitely no hand ball.

It’s very leveling, the dads can join in.

Once you’ve watched some of the funny videos of bubble football the price will be the last thing on your mind!

So ok, one final admin point.

The bubble football price can vary because you can have groups of varying sizes, you can play for varying lengths of time and we even have packages that involve other games, food and pretty much whatever else you need to make your day go off with a blast.

If you fancy it, give us a call. We’ll give you a quote. Job done.

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