So Just What is this Bubble ball Soccer?

Spartacus brings you bubble football in Liverpool, as well as various other locations around the Northwest of England.

You can have a go at zorbing in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Blackburn, Southport and Wirral but what exactly does that mean?

Well, for those unversed in the ways of bubble ball soccer, let us enlighten you.


Football or Footballs?

There is only one ball on a football pitch right?

Not if you’re playing bubble football in Liverpool or at any of Spartacus‘ other Northwest sites.

During bubble football, in addition to the ball you kick, each and every player is encased in their very own inflatable bubble ball!

This leads to plenty of bouncing off one another, wobbling, stumbling and falling, though of course players are completely safe and cushioned, as well as in fits of laughter!

It may not be as glamorous as the beautiful game but it definitely a hilarious spectator sport as well as great fun to play.


Who Can Play Bubble Football in Liverpool?

The short answer is that zorbing in Liverpool is fun for the whole family.

Anyone over the age of seven can play.

In fact, bubble football is Liverpool’s ideal children’s party activity.

It’s a complete package – fully managed by event planners and hosts from start to finish, as well as rain-proof, fully insured great fun… and did we mention hilarious to watch?!

Zorbing in Liverpool is also the ideal activity for hen and stag parties, corporate team building and mates looking for a unique way to pass an afternoon.

Is one of your friends a fitness nut and another a couch potato?

Do you have large age range in your office? Worry not – inside a bubble suit everyone is equal!

Nothing brings people onto one level like having their entire bodies encased in an inflatable ball.

Know what we’re saying? No? You’ll just have to try bubble football in Liverpool for yourself then!

How to Play Bubble Football in Liverpool

If you fancy a go at zorbing in Liverpool or any of our other locations dotted around the Northwest, all you need is a team of ten (minimum – that’s five-a-side).

After that simply give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest!

Tell us where you’re based and we’ll book you in for bubble football in Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester or any of our other locations.

Everything you need – including the referee – will be waiting for you when you arrive for your game.

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