Is Bubble Soccer Safe for Kids?

Is Bubble Soccer Safe for Kids?

Is Bubble Soccer Safe for Kids?

Attention, soccer mums who crave excitement of the bubble variety! Wondering if bubble soccer is a safe and fun game for your kids? You bet it is! Bubble soccer is taking the world by storm and becoming the ultimate hit with kids all over the globe. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the safety aspects and explore how your little daredevils can have an adrenaline-pumping blast while staying safe.

What’s the Buzz About Bubble Soccer?

Prepare for a game that’ll leave you in stitches! Bubble soccer combines the classic soccer with giant inflatable zorbs. These zorbs give your children superhero-like powers and let me bounce, bump and blast their friends around the pitch. The zorbs cover them from head to waist, leaving their legs free to play soccer (you will find the ball becomes a prop pretty quickly!). Whether indoors or outdoors, bubble soccer guarantees non-stop laughter (for both kids and parents!).

Safety First, Wild Fun!

Safety is the MVP in your kids’ bubble soccer adventures, and we’re the coach ready to spill the winning strategies and expert advice to keep them in the game without a hitch.

First things first, make sure those bubbles are properly inflated and securely fastened. We want those bubbles to cling tight, like a thrilling embrace! Next, scan the play area like a hawk to eliminate any obstacles or hazards that could spoil the fun. And last but not least, make sure all players understand and play by the rules, so the fun never hits a speed bump.

The Power of Supervision

As a super mum, you know that keeping a watchful eye on your child’s safety is paramount. That’s why choosing an accredited bubble football provider is a game-changer. They’ll take charge, running and supervising the game, so you can kick back and relax. These pros will keep their eyes peeled, ready to jump in if needed, and set clear expectations for behaviour before the game kicks off. With their guidance, everyone will play fair and unleash their inner bubble champions!

bubble football dress code

In a Nutshell

Bubble soccer is a heart-pounding, energy-infused activity that gets kids off the couch and onto the field for a wild adventure. By taking a few safety precautions and choosing a reputable accredited provider, your child can join the laughter-filled competition and stay safe throughout.
It’s time for some epic bouncing, infectious laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime (oh and don’t forget your camera, there is comedy gold to be captured!).

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