How do you play Bubble Football?

How do you play Bubble Football?

How do you play Bubble Football?

So, you want to know how to play Bubble Football? But before you put on your bubble bag pack of laughs, you will want to know how to play the game first. So, in this blog we uncover all you need to know before you take to the bubble battlefield. 

This is a sport (using that term loosely), where the rule book is ripped up. Where chaos and controversy reign supreme. A game where you are strapped into a giant inflatable bubble and sent onto the field to play football (not that anyone bothers with the ball much!). 

But before you take to the arena of chaos and laughter you may want to know a few things. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

What is Bubble Football?

Bubble football is a game that combines traditional football with giant inflatable zorbs. 

Now, these aren’t the zorbs you may have encountered before. For example the ones you see on holiday. The ones where you’re fully encased and run round like a giant hamster inside to make it move. 

No, this is much more fun. Plus, you will be channelling a charging bull in this game rather than a meak little hamster. 

The zorb that you will be wearing covers the top half of your body. From head to torso. Your legs are free to run around and play football (or at least attempt to).

The difference here is that slide tackles are replaced by a much more efficient shoulder barge. A shoulder barge with the power of a pamplona bull. The great part is it’s completely guilt free. After you have sent your friend down the pitch like a big ball of air, they will land on their bubble – like a giant cushioned fall from the heavens. 

How Do You Play It?

Bubble Football is played much like regular football, except all the players will be carrying a giant zorb around on their back. Well the objective is exactly the same anyway – score as many goals as you can while trying to stop the opposition team from scoring. 

The means in which you do this differ greatly from the traditional game though and they are absolutely hilarious! 

For example in regular football you may assign a sweeper who will clear up any loose balls or potential threats that penetrate the defensive line. They would do this as the ball entered their territory. Well in Bubble Football the sweeper wouldn’t need to wait for the ball. They can simply blast a PLAYER who strayed near the defensive line and it wouldn’t matter if the ball was there. Comedy gold! 

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What Equipment Is Needed?

Now, what equipment do we need in the theatre of bubbles? Well this will all be provided by the bubble football provider in most cases (be sure to look if they are UKBFA accredited for the UK and BFA for USA). 

Number one piece of equipment is the zorbs (obviously!). We recommend zorbs that are made from TPU and not PVC. The difference? TPU is a superior material, more rigid and super lightweight. PVC is more prone to punctures and is much heavier to carry around. 

As for clothing we recommend light sportswear and trainers or moulds. You won’t be allowed to wear studded boots for this game. Why? Well there may be occasions where you’re flying through the air upside down and we wouldn’t want that with metal studs now would we!

Safety Considerations

As with any physical activity, safety should be taken into consideration when playing bubble football. Our basic rules to keeping players safe are as follows:

  • Ensure the bubble is strapped on securely

Most providers will give you a little H&S demo before you start. Explaining the do’s and the don’ts and how to make sure you are trapped into the zorb securely. 

This means the zorb becomes an extension of you. Will feel comfortable to carry and will feel comforted when someone tackles you!

  •  Don’t hit people when they are on the floor 

This always gets a laugh during our demos and invokes many questions. I can blast people down the pitch like a giant bowling ball but I cant hit them when they are on the ground? We must admit it does sound a little absurd. 

So, let me explain. Most of you playing will (after the demo) find it pretty easy to get up. Some won’t! For the first 5-10 minutes a minority will be rolling around on their backs trying to figure it out (this is hilarious to watch by the way). 

With this in mind we put a rule in place that means if you are one of the unfortunate players rolling round on your back like a beached turtle, you will be able to do so without someone jumping on you. 

P.S. 99% of people find a technique after 10 minutes. 

  • Don’t get out the bubble during a game 

These giant zorbs act as a big inflatable shield from impact. If you go down your landing on a giant ball of air. It is in most cases completely safe.

However, if you are hit by a zorb while you’re not wearing one it is a different ball game! 

If for whatever reason you want to get out – you need the toilet, a drink, or whatever it may be – that is completely fine. But, first tell one of the coaches or instructors. 

They will safely stop the game. Get you out of the battlefield and then get the game going again. You will be safely on the sidelines and ready to witness the bonkers game from a different perspective (camera at the ready!).

The Final Whistle 

Spartacus Bubble Referee

In conclusion, bubble football is a great way to induce belly aching laughs and create some unforgettable memories. 

The game is bonkers and it’s something you talk about for years to come (just don’t forget to take some videos, it’s comedy gold). 

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