Bubble Football For Dummies: The Beginners Guide

Can Kids Play Bubble Soccer

Bubble Football FAQ: The Idiots Guide

Bubble Football For Dummies: The Beginners Guide

You’re about to play Bubble Football, but you’re never played it before and don’t know what to expect.

Welcome to The Idiots Guide to Bubble Football. In this blog we answer the most frequently asked questions, thus making the bonkers game of Bubble Football Idiot Proof!

Here are some tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts from the Bubble Football experts – Spartacus Bubble Soccer (of course!).

How do you put the suit on?

Good question! We have all seen the giant hamster zorbs on holiday haven’t we? Where you are fully encased in a giant inflatable bubble and you run around like a hamster either on land or water.

Well, not that. But similar! Bubble Zorbs encase only the top half of your body. So you’re covered from head to waist in the zorb but your legs are free to run around with it. Like carrying a giant inflatable backpack around on your back!


Does size matter?

Depends who you ask and in what context I suppose, but in Bubble Football it doesn’t! Of course, someone who is bigger will be harder to knock down but if you’re lighter you will be much harder to catch.

Use your attributes to your advantage – this is a game of witts!


Do you need to like Football?

With Spartacus, the answer is NO. In Fact a little interesting fact for you: If we took away the ball after 2 minutes no one would even realise. You are wearing a giant inflatable bubble on your back that lets you safely smash your mates 10ft in the air or down the pitch like a giant bowling ball – why on earth would you be bothered with the football?


What games will we play?

With Spartacus, you will get plenty of original games that you won’t find anywhere else. Enter the The Zorb Olympics ™

Why do we need more games? Well hear us out – we’ve run thousands of bubble events throughout our years.

Going right into bubble football you will be on your back in 5 minutes and blowing out your ass! It doesn’t matter how fit you are. But we know the secret to elite bubble football stamina. We mix it up! A variety of really fast-moving games and challenges in the zorb suits that don’t gas you out right away and keep the group’s attention and energy.

All leading up to a giant bubble football battle at the end that resembles a WWE Royal Rumble.

Find out more about bubble football games here


What should I wear?

Whatever you like! Some of the costumes we’ve had in the past are borat mankini (hairy asses flying through the air in bubble suits is a sight we won’t forget in a hurry), giant sharks, super mario and marge simpson.

All are great but if your feelings are practical we recommend light sportswear and trainers!


What are the rules of bubble football?

Rules? Who needs rules? In any case, we’ll give it a shot! No fouls, no penalties, no red cards. Just endless mayhem.

In bubble football, the objective is to score goals just like in regular soccer. But here’s the twist: you’re strapped inside a glorious, air-filled bubble suit. 

Buckle up! You can bump, bash, and collide with your opponents all you want—it’s a contact sport made for comedy gold. Just simply activate Hulk mode and charge towards your fellow opponents. 


Is there a weight limit for bubble football?

Ah, weight limits, the eternal buzzkill of our bubble dreams. 

But fear not, my friend! Bubble football welcomes players of all shapes and sizes. 

Whether you’re a featherweight or a sumo wrestler in training, as long as you’re below 22 limit, you are good to go!


How long does a game last?

Typically, a bubble football match lasts around 60 to 90 minutes. The clock is merely a suggestion in the realm of bubble football. 

With all the bouncing, rolling, and uncontrollable laughter, time becomes an abstract concept. So, prepare to lose track of it as you revel in the absurdity of the game.


How do you get up in bubble soccer?

Ah, the art of getting up in bubble soccer—an endeavour that could rival the graceful flailing of a new-born giraffe. 

Picture this: you’re knocked down, your limbs flailing, and you resemble a befuddled turtle on its back. Don’t panic! Simply channel your inner acrobat and use your bubble to roll back onto your belly. It might take a few wobbles, a couple of hilarious spins, and a dash of luck, but that’s half the fun! 

Once you’re belly-side up, it’s time to straighten that posture like a pro. Lift one leg, then the other, and voila! You’re back on your two feet, ready to seek sweet revenge on the cunning trickster who sent you tumbling in the first place.


What happens if it rains?

Rain? Pfft! Bubble football laughs in the face of such watery intrusions! Let the heavens weep, my friend, for it only amplifies the comedy on the field. Slip, slide, and slosh your way through the game. Who needs a dry pitch when you can have a wild, waterlogged spectacle? So, don’t be deterred by the rain—embrace it! Dive headfirst into the puddles, let the droplets dance on your bubble armour, and revel in the uproarious madness that only a downpour can bring!


Can you wear glasses in bubble soccer?

In the heat of the bubble-fueled frenzy, there’s a chance your glasses may be blasted off your face, soaring through the air like a wayward Frisbee. 

Fear not, for we have a solution inspired by the legendary Edgar Davids and his iconic strapped glasses. Consider acquiring a pair of those mighty strapped spectacles, ensuring that your eyewear remains securely fastened to your head throughout the tumultuous twists and turns of bubble soccer. 


Do you need shin pads for bubble football?

Channelling your inner full kit w*nker, are you? In this hilarious world of bubbles and mayhem, shin pads are but relics of seriousness. 

Bid adieu to those clunky shin pads and embrace the freedom of unadulterated silliness. Bubble football beckons, offering a passport to full kit w*nker-less amusement and unforgettable laughter. 


Do I need to be fit to play?

This uproarious sport doesn’t care about your athletic prowess. In fact, it thrives on the pure joy of uncoordinated goofiness! So, let your inner couch potato shine, my friend. 

Strap on that bubble suit, unleash your inner jester, and prepare for belly-aching laughter. 


How safe is zorb football?

Safety, the eternal concern of responsible adults. Rest assured, zorb football takes your well-being seriously, despite the absurdity of the game. The bubble suits are designed to cushion and protect you from impacts.

The Final Whistle

Alright, dear readers, you’ve now been equipped with the essential knowledge to navigate the whimsical world of Bubble Football. You are no longer an idiot! 

Remember, this is a game that defies conventions and embraces hilarity at every turn. It’s a realm where shin pads and traditional football skills take a backseat to the sheer joy of bouncing, rolling, and colliding with your fellow bubble warriors.

As you step onto the pitch, let your inner goofball take the stage, embrace the unpredictability of the game, and revel in the unadulterated silliness that awaits. 

We hope you enjoyed Spartacus Bubble Soccer’s “Idiot’s Guide to Bubble Football”. Have any other questions that we haven’t answered? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to answer them! 

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