Bubble Football Etiquette

Bubble Football Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts of the Game

Bubble Football Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts of the Game

Want to polish up on your Bubble Football etiquette, do you? Well we will be exploring the do’s and don’ts of the wacky world of Bubble Football in this blog – where traditional rules and formalities take a delightful detour. Forget handshakes and tactical trash talk, because in this game, you’ll be bouncing, rolling, and laughing your way to victory.

Get ready to dive into the do’s and don’ts of Bubble Football etiquette, where chest bumps replace handshakes, referees become bubble guardians, and epic goal celebrations take a Ronaldo-inspired twist. So, strap on your bubble, leave your inhibitions at the door, and let’s discover the eccentric world of Bubble Football etiquette!

No Shaking Hands

The ol shaking hands before the game gesture. Two captains, one from each team, shaking hands, with the referee as witness. A mutual show of respect and sportsmanship.

Well not in Bubble Football, and this isn’t because we don’t believe in it or that we are scared of germs. It’s simply because you have no hands free in order to shake anyone’s hands.

Your hands will be firmly on the handles. How about a little chest bump instead?

No Trash Talk 

We love a bit of trash talk here at Spartacus Bubble Soccer, don’t you? The build up to the battle is always the most fun part. So, if Connor McGreggor just so happens to be on your team it would be natural to roll him out to ruffle some feathers in the opposition’s team.

Unfortunately, in Bubble Football, you’re encased from head to torso in a giant inflatable bubble. It’s about 1.5m in diameter so all the witty put downs and cutting jibes will get lost in the sphere of air that surrounds you. 

Respect the Referee 

In traditional football, the referee is the rule enforcer, but in Bubble Football, they’re more like bubble guardians. You can get away with A LOT more in this game.  

They have a hard enough time trying not to get blasted into kingdom come so give them a round of applause. Maybe even offer them a post-game beer(just don’t try to bribe them with it). 

No Handballs

Keep your hands inside the bubble at all times during the game and firmly on the handles! This kind of rules out any potential handballs then doesn’t it? And brings me nicely onto my next point!

Goal Celebrations

We’ve all seen the famous Alan Shearer goal celebration haven’t we? After scoring a goal, Shearer would often extend his right arm, pointing it towards the sky in a triumphant gesture (showing my age here). It was emulated all over the Sunday leagues of England (Not by me I was a a centre half and built like Jimmy Five Bellies)

Thinking of doing that in the Zorb Arena? Well think again, mate. You need eyes in the back of your head in this game. You run off with the arm raised shearer salute here and a very unhappy opposition player is going to try and level you. This of course means landing on your hand and not being able to pick up your pint or pot noodle up later on in the evening. 

So, let’s fast forward to modern day celebrations and channel the much safer Ronaldo one. A little run and 180 degree jump (with arms inside the zorb). Siiiiuuuuuuuuuuu!

No Fouls

As we touched on briefly above. You can get away with a lot in this game. Of course there are rules (more like strong guidelines) but the fouls you would normally associate with a regular game of football just don’t exist. 

Let’s imagine a little scenario for a moment…

A player is through on goal, one on one with the keeper, they look like they are about to score. You come in and you smash into the back of them, sending them hurtling towards the onion bag like a big ball of hot air. 

What would happen in a regular game here? You would be getting a red card and an early shower, and the opposition would get a penalty. 

Not in bubble football. The crowd will chant your name and it will echo around the stadium, they will probably even campaign to get a statue of you built outside the ground!

You can flip people on their head, man handle the goalkeeper, you can even hit people who don’t have possession of the ball! It’s like the wild west and it’s some of the best fun you’ll ever have!

Accept Defeat with Grace (Or Not)

This isn’t allowed in Bubble Football. We even allow a 60 second free for all at the end of the game, on occasions, so the losing team can dish out some much needed revenge and feel a little better about getting their bubble spanked!

The Final Whistle

Spartacus Bubble Referee

As the final whistle blows and the bubbles settle, it’s time to reflect on the unique experience that is Bubble Football. From the absence of handshakes to the freedom of fearless tackles, this game has a charm all its own. So, whether you’re a seasoned bubbler or a newbie taking your first tumble, remember the unspoken rules of Bubble Football: celebrate with a spin, embrace the chaos, and never let defeat deflate your spirit. Let the laughter linger, the memories multiply, and keep the bubbles bouncing! 


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