Bubble Football & Darts for Liverpool Football Club Kicks Tournament

liverpool bubble football club kids tournament

A Day of Fun Football based Activities!

We were absolutely over the moon to get the call from one of Liverpool Football Club’s head coaches to come along to the annual LFC Kicks Youth Tournament.

He had seen us appear on Made in Liverpool TV and thought we sounded like an interesting company to work with.  So, we were invited us in to have a chat about how we could help them with the Football Tournament.

As if we weren’t already excited to be working with Liverpool Football Club, we were told a host of other Premier League teams would be in attendance too!

Huge clubs such as Everton (got to count Everton with the big boys now haven’t you – spent about 200m so far!), Tottenham & Arsenal. Wow!

I guess enduring the nerves of a TV interview was worth it in the end!

What is the Liverpool Football Club Kicks Tournament?

The tournament see’s over 100 girls & boys from ages 8-13 represent the premier league clubs in a huge youth football tournament.

The guys at LFC wanted us to bring along our bubble suits &  inflatable Football Darts to take the pressure off all the coaches. We would entertain the kids who were waiting to play or were on a break during matches.

Not only was the world’s most beautiful game of football being played the world’s most craziest game of bubble soccer was too!

So, if you were a parent of one of the LFC kid’s players you would be able to watch your son or daughter playing Arsenal FC in a nail biting knockout game one minute then watch them flying through the air in a big bouncy bumper ball the next!

So, not only did the kids have an amazing experience and tons of fun with their mates – the parents did too!

We took the little ones off their hands and kept them entertained all day. Plus, they got to see their kid’s rolling down the pitch like little bubble bowling balls. Who doesn’t what to see that?

Liverpool bubble football club kids tournament

A Mystery Special Guest Arrives!

What an experience this day was! The sun was shining and the atmosphere was brilliant.

The organization from the coaches & volunteers at Liverpool FC was fantastic and we were honoured to be a part of it.

A presentation followed all the excitement to announce the winners & runners up in each of the age groups.

This was hosted by the one and only Robbie Fowler aka GOD (Very nice guy)!

Talk about ending the day on a high! Our events team even managed to get a quick picture just before the Football Darts competition!

Unfortunately, we only had the kids size suits there on the day, we’ll get you in the Zorb suit next time Robbie! A massive thanks to Liverpool Football Club for letting us be a part of this amazing day.

We will be working with them again very soon so we’ll be sure to let keep you guys updated. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Liverpool bubble football club kids tournament

For more info on the LFC Kicks Tournament visit https://foundation.liverpoolfc.com/

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